Health Update 4/9/20

Hello Owners,

We hope you are all doing well.  This Easter/Passover is certainly challenging.

The Board appreciates everyone who is following New Jersey Governor’s “stay at home” Order.  We believe limiting the population at the Gardens Plaza to those sheltering in the building is the best way to keep the Gardens Plaza safe.  This is particularly true because we are a multi-unit building.  The Board hopes that our efforts and sacrifices now will both keep us safe and encourage the Governor to change his Order before we are too far into summer.  

Our next Board meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 18th. In light of the pandemic, we will NOT be meeting on that date.  The Board will discuss any business by e-mail and issue a report to owners of anything decided.  If you have comments you would make during the meeting, please e-mail them to Pam Perry. Pam will circulate your thoughts to the Board.

Today, Governor Murphy decided to stop all non-essential construction on Friday, April 10 at 8:00 pm.  All construction in the building will be halted at that time pursuant to that Order.The Board also decided to extend our prohibition of all short-term leases at the Gardens Plaza until May 31st.

Dave continues to work to keep our building safe.  He ordered washable masks due next week, but FEMA cancelled the contract and we’ll have to wait until the national shortages abate.  He also researched and is scheduling sanitation of the building with a company whose EPA approved products will provide protection for about 60 days.

Please keep our permanent residents, and our staff, in your thoughts.  The Board looks forward to seeing everyone else when things are safe to go back to the shore!

Pam Perry President, Board of Directors