Health Update 3/24/20

“Stay at Home” Order

As you all may know, the Governor yesterday ordered New Jersey residents to “stay at home”. He also advised people not to come to their shore homes, but rather to stay in their principal residence. Please heed these directives and continue to follow social distancing – keep six feet between you and everyone else. Finally, residents should first call their physicians for advice on their well-being. In emergencies, residents should call 911. To help keep our community safe, the Board is implementing the following:

Common Areas: All common areas will be restricted. The Fitness and Holloway rooms will be locked. The Library/Recreation room will be open for internet use, with residents reminded to observe proper social distancing. The Lobby will be shut down for socializing, and will be open only for brief sitting, while awaiting a ride, for example, or for prompt coming and going from the entrances to the elevators.

Deliveries: The staff will set up a table in our enclosed area outside the main entrance. Residents should have food delivery people call to the unit and residents need to come down to retrieve their packages/food/etc.

Construction: The Governor’s Order allows construction projects to continue. However, Contractors will be notified to use the freight elevator and not to wander in the building. All outside workers must disinfect at the Guard desk, sign in with the Guard, and sign out with the Guard. Failure to follow these procedures, or others required by the staff of the Gardens Plaza, may result in that outside contractor being barred from our building.

Staffing: Our staff are considered essential to our operation. Dave, Monica, and Board Member, Vic Staniec, will monitor their duties and may modify their schedules for their protection as needed.

To limit Guard exposure, please carry and use your fob to enter the building. The Guard desk will be marked off with tape to allow the Guards healthy social distancing. The Guards will communicate (even through the closed doors) with those who do not have a fob to enter the building. If anyone is allowed in, they are required to disinfect and to sign in.

Consistent with the Governor’s “stay at home” order and his advice for people not to come to their shore homes but to stay at their principal residence, the Board is prohibiting short term rentals at the Gardens Plaza until May.

Pam Perry President, Board of Directors